My boyfriend speaks to their “friend” every single day

My boyfriend speaks to their “friend” every single day

I’ve been with my boyfriend for approximately 18 months now.

Initial 3 months of y our relationship had been among the better times during the my entire life. I must say I thought We had discovered my soulmate. He claims i am the initial woman he is stated “I like you” to (their buddies said the same). But immediately after the 3 thirty days mark, i then found out which he had been speaking with a vintage buddy of their every solitary time. This girl is hitched, and she’s got been in his life for 15 years (these are typically both in their 40s). Right when I discovered, we entirely destroyed it.

Now, i’ve for ages been a “one associated with guys” style of a woman. And my experience has taught me that a man and a lady can stay just friends never. Particularly if they are chatting from the phone every single day. Additionally, he never ever said about that girl until i consequently found out. He knew before we started dating that I was a very jealous person even. Would not you might think that when their friendship was that innocent, he might have said until I found out on my own about her, instead of waiting? He has because stopped speaking with her. Her a happy birthday and bought her a present although he did wish.

Two months ago, I called this girl to once find out as well as for all what was taking place between them. And as opposed to telling me personally there clearly was absolutely nothing taking place, I got answers like, ” exactly What does it matter? He decided on you, ” and “I’m happy he is discovered some body, i usually desired him to get some body, I just desire you had beenn’t so jealous, ” and “He wasn’t created yesterday; he previously other individuals in their life just before arrived. ” She also declined to respond to once I asked her whether or not they slept together by telling me personally, “It is a really private question. “