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In addition, Bartleby could have been struggling from schizophrenia which raises the likelihood that he was mentally ill to start out with or produced so by his function predicament. Inspite of these interpretations, the tale ends tragically, for Bartleby is not able to escape the brick partitions that encompass him, whether or not the “partitions of society’s limitations or some barrier inherent in his individuality” (Hamilton, 221). But Bartleby may perhaps also be “useless” like the letters in the governing administration office, useless in the soul and in his emotional reaction to society’s dictates to act like absolutely everyone else. In regard to the law firm/narrator in “Bartleby the Scrivener,” some critics have considered him as profoundly regular and materialistic, for he cannot have an understanding of Bartleby’s problem as a rebel.

Having said that, Melville inserted some pretty clever imagery into this tale regarding walls – the lawyer’s office is on Wall Road, Bartleby’s desk in the office faces a brick wall, and in the jail mobile, Bartleby faces a brick wall. With these photographs, it is obvious that Melville was attempting to say that the walls are symbols “of society’s blindness to the inventive and emotional wants of the specific” (Peterson, 25) as contrasted with the requirements of society as a total. And like several other non-conformists in the background of American literature, Bartleby buyessayclub prefers death around conformity, for at the summary of the tale, he evidently curls up in a fetal situation on the ground of his jail cell and virtually dies from starvation, another image of his rebellious mother nature. Various other tales created by Herman Melville also comprise people that by their really natures are rebellious and non-conformists.

In 1856, The Piazza Tales, a collection of Melville’s small fiction, was published by Dix and Edwards prior buy essay to this, in between 1853 and 1855, Putnam’s Regular monthly Journal printed 5 (which include “Bartleby the Scrivener” of Melville’s tales – “Benito Cereno,” “The Lightning-Rod Guy,” “The Encantadas,” and “The Bell Tower. ” Of these, aside from “Bartleby the Scrivener,” 3 incorporate most important and secondary figures that show the qualities of the non-conformist. In “Benito Cereno,” Captain Delano finds himself in some quite tense scenarios when he makes an attempt to assist Captain Benito Cereno and the crew of the San Dominick. At the stop of this incredibly lengthy tale, the reader out of the blue realizes that Cereno is not in command of his vessel, for it is the captured slaves that are really running the ship. In one violent illustration, Delano realizes that the slaves are in revolt and that the ship was the scene of a bloody confrontation led by the Negro slave Babo, who also masterminded the masquerade which led Delano at initial to suspect that nothing at all out of the ordinary was occurring aboard the San Dominick.

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As Richard Chase points out, Babo “is a haunting case in point of the evil that human beings are capable of and the distinctive techniques in which evil affects the human psyche” (367). Also, Babo is without having a doubt fairly the rebel, thanks to the uprising aboard the ship and his refusal to be chained and maltreated like some wild animal. In contrast to Bartleby, having said that, Babo signifies the flip aspect of riot, for he reacts with a great deal violence alternatively of passive resistance. In “The Lightning-Rod Man,” the not known narrator has a confrontation with a lightning rod salesman who makes an attempt to offer one of his gadgets to the narrator. As they chat, the narrator accuses the salesman of preying on people who fear divine punishment, whereby the salesman assaults the narrator with just one of his rods.

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