In its tenth anniversary year, the Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences welcomes 1167 freshmen who are now beginning their research.

In the Westpress Arena in Hamm, University President Prof. Dr. Klaus Zeppenfeld, foreign medical graduate exam lecturer, get in touch with persons at central service points and the student representatives welcome the new students for the festive initial semester welcome. Therefore, in the get started with the 2019/2020 winter semester, you can get 63 very first semesters at the Hamm campus and 528 1st semesters in the Lippstadt campus. All round, the number of HSHL students is at the moment still about 6200.

? We warmly welcome the new first-semester students to HSHL and are pleased that our variety of courses continues to meet using a constructive response. The amount of international students in specific exceeded our expectations,? Said Prof. Klaus Zeppenfeld. 72 international students from 19 nations are beginning their bachelor’s degree in “Electronic Engineering” at the Lippstadt campus. In 2018, in the begin in the first English-language HSHL course, there were 32 students from 14 nations.? In contrast to other universities in North Rhine-Westphalia, we have been on a higher plateau for any extended time when it comes to our student numbers. Now we’re settling down to typical,? The HSHL President classifies the current first-semester numbers.

“Be curious and courageous regarding the new tasks in this exciting phase of life and ask vital questions”, advised Prof. Zeppenfeld to the new students. Since the enrollment method has not but been completed, alot more new fellow students will start their studies at HSHL within the coming weeks. 376 HSHL personnel, like 109 professors, 124 study assistants and 143 folks in administration, at the moment make sure that your research at HSHL run smoothly.

Details about HSHL studies.

Since September 2nd, the first semester can already get a taste with the campus atmosphere within the preliminary courses, which prepare for the courses with the fundamentals of mathematics, physics and chemistry. The varied system with the first semester welcome gave the opportunity to get an overview of your central contact persons and offers at HSHL: Additionally to course directors, there were make contact with persons from the Common Student Committee, the Student Parliament, University Sports, the Central Student Advisory Service, the Language Service and in the International Office. The cities of Hamm and Lippstadt presented themselves within the arena with video messages as the new study areas. Jennifer Borm from Radio Lippe Welle and Andr? Joosten from Hellweg Radio hosted the system.

The frequent lecture period starts on Monday, September 23, 2019 for all HSHL students.

The initial semester numbers by degree plan.

Biomedical technologies: 63 Power technologies and resource optimization: 39 Intelligent systems design and style: 37 Intercultural organization psychology: 186 Sports and overall health technologies: 83 Technical management and marketing and advertising: 143 Environmental monitoring and forensic chemistry: 88.

Organization Administration: 173 Computer Visualistics and Design: 69 Electronic Engineering: 72 Material Design and style – Bionics and Photonics: 15 Mechatronics: 43 Applied Computer system Science and Social Media: 53 Industrial Engineering: 103.

About Hamm-Lippstadt University:

Since 2009, the State University of Hamm-Lippstadt has presented an revolutionary range of courses using a focus on engineering, organic sciences, IT and organization. Around six, 200 students are at present enrolled in 14 Bachelor’s and ten Master’s courses. The university has state-of-the-art buildings with about 15,000 square meters of laboratory space at areas in Hamm and Lippstadt. Together with President Prof. Dr. Klaus Zeppenfeld and Chancellor Karl-Heinz Sandknop focus on interdisciplinary orientation, market orientation, higher sensible relevance and future-oriented analysis.