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As a barn, lighting had not been a priority; as a living space, however, opening up the spaces to daylight and views was critical. We brainstorm, collaborate, and discuss our ideas with you so that you can provide feedback on the designs and help to narrow down the options. All the while, referencing the project requirements that must be met by the collectively chosen design. But it’s critical to nail down the design concept and stick to it. If you don’t stick to it, you risk creating a project that looks pieced together, doesn’t flow right, and all-around doesn’t look consistent. Having a unified and cohesive design concept makes all future decisions easier, also.

Although Artefact used existing parts to model the concept, the studio isn’t interested in making it a reality, but rather to inspire others to rethink instances of outmoded, wasteful tech. As with all great concepts, they reverse engineered an object and process that we take for granted, and assembled an imaginary product that goes from asking “What if?

A Good Design Concept Solves Big Complex Problem

Since you’re designing the concept, you have the luxury of viewing the product from the inside out, so you’re well-positioned to see these kinds of opportunities where leadership cannot. Hints in a strong design concept the design of supportive integrations or business partnerships are subtle ways to make strategic impacts on the product roadmap, and they may end up saving the company months of time or money.

James is a registered landscape architect and urban designer, and founder and director of James Corner Field Operations, where he oversees the production of all design projects in the office. He is also chair of and professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture a strong design concept at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design. Major projects include the High Line, New York City; Freshkills Park, Staten Island; the Race Street Pier, Philadelphia; MGM City Center, Las Vegas; and the Shenzhen Qianhai Urban Design Plan.

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Sorry, but I’m not an architect and I’ve never read a book about architectural design concepts so I couldn’t possibly recommend one. Style guides, style tiles, and moodboards are all ways designers help refine a concept and communicate it to clients. They won’t all be about design concepts specifically, but some will include thoughts about concepts. It’s your idea for how you’ll solve the problem of communicating your client’s message. While there is no one way to develop a concept the first necessary step is gathering information. One thing I haven’t tried, but you may find helpful is to create a mood board.

There’s no one right way to generate an idea and what works for one won’t necessarily work for another. However there are parts to the process that everyone should go through.

Industrial Design

A design concept is the big picture idea for the project. It shows the overall design intent and provides direction for everyone on the project team from the early schematic a strong design concept design phase all the way through construction. A design concept in architecture may start as a philosophy, a powerful idea, or a simple set of guidelines.

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The link will lead you to a video explaining how to create one. If you’re unfamiliar with them they’re basically a collection of thoughts, possible layouts, and sources of inspiration you’ll use to design the site. They serve as a document for yourself or the client detailing the concept you have for the site. The answers to each of the above should give you ideas for your design concept. Developing a design concept is something of an individual process.

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Verbal – the verbal parts of your concept might be words you use to describe the site. For example your design concept might be one of sophisticated elegance. They’re focused on the message your design is to communicate. Karl is the CEO of Wolff Olins and leads the global business by shaping its strategy for growth and encouraging excellence in its creative cloud computing security work. With over 20 years of branding and design experience, Karl has helped create game-changing work for Wolff Olins’ clients including , Skype, GE, PwC, Unicef, Current TV, New York City and Mercedes-Benz. Trained as a designer and now a chief executive, Karl firmly believes in the value of creativity to drive positive business and social impact.

” That’s the tension that makes great concepts exciting–it’s how they push the existing world to better, not just some perfect world that no-one will ever inhabit. Hence our admonishment that Concept entries emphasize mobile game development company their feasibility. Our time working with Eve was enjoyable and collaborative. She is dynamic, driven, and creative — so landing on the chosen design concept for her live work retreat was a lot of fun.

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In my experience, when your designer shows you more than one concept, shealready knowswhich is the best, and she is hoping you will pick it. Next, she begins sketching, and may go through dozens of ideas and concepts before arriving at her best proposed solution to your design problem. Most love a good challenge and will be energized by something new. Design clean, consistent, and thoughtful concepts, and developers will help you carry out your vision. Concept designs are great and all, but they’ll eventually need to get built. Developers view concept designs through very different glasses than everyone else because they’re responsible for bringing them to life. Unless the company is well-resourced enough to build a fully proprietary product, integrations and partnerships are practical and sensible ways to scale the business.